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The Fédération des familles d’accueil et ressources intermédiaires du Québec (FFARIQ) was created in 1974. We promote the rights and interests of foster resources, support them in their involvement with children and work to improve their conditions of practice.

Our primary mission is to represent foster families, ensure the respect of the collective agreement, train, inform resources, and promote their work with institutions and the general public.

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In each region, the Centre intégré de Santé et Services sociaux (CISSS) are responsible for the recognition of foster resources in Quebec. You must begin the process by submitting an application to the CISSS / CIUSSS Resource Accreditation Program in your region.

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Commissioner for Children's Welfare and Rights: an Opportunity to be Seized
Feb 22, 2024
The FFARIQ has issued an opinion letter as Bill 37 moves to the detailed study stage in the National Assembly. The letter reiterates the importance of creating a Commissioner for Children's Welfare and Rights.
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The FFARIQ regularly collaborates with partners on a yearly basis to support the cause of children. We also have sponsors who subscribe to the welfare of children placed in foster care.

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